Kerem Brulé


Kerem Brulé is a music meditation educator and healing soundscape artist from San Diego supporting health-oriented classes, transformational workshops, wellness retreats and professional trainings with her kind spirit, grounding presence, and intuitive healing gifts with music and sound.  Kerem has discovered her dedication and heart path to learning the healing power of improvisational music on her own personal journey for over 24 years, and professionally for the last 5!   Kerem has carved herself a very unique path of meaningful work as a got to live musician for a wide spectrum of events for yoga, movement, breathwork, ceremony, meditation, art, and much more as she follows her inspiration in collaboration and experimentation.

As the founder and owner of Beautiful Sounds, it is Kerem's joy to find and share amazing and accessible healing instruments that have helped her expand her own understanding of herself as a musical vessel, and which have all brought her greater peace within through their healing sounds.  Every instrument that is brought into the Beautiful Sounds collection is one that Kerem has fallen in love with personally, and her enthusiasm comes through when she shares them while out at events or in her cozy home showroom.  Her greatest wish is to help as many people as possible learn of their magic and integrate them into their lives and experience more harmony.