Class Descriptions

Adaptive Yoga
Jo-San Arnold (pictured) & Jackie Gadd

Teaching Yoga to People with Dis-Abilities. We work with the various effects of dis-abilities including Cerebral Palsy, MS, wheelchair bound, and many other diagnoses. Using cues and specialty props appropriate to create safe and varying sequences of asanas and breath work, always supporting the fundamentals of yoga. 


All Levels Community Class
Amy Caldwell

Amy will lead a dynamic class that includes sun salutations, standing, seated and options for inverted poses linked with conscious breath (pranayama). This all levels class is appropriate for new and continuing students. Amy will offer variations, and modifications so each student can practice to their level of comfort and experience.  Optimal alignment will be encouraged as well as mindfulness, connection to self and the present moment. 

All Levels Community Class
Danni Pomplun

Come explore Danni’s functional, down-to-earth style of teaching with an edge. Together, we will build an experience and create a space where we all belong. Show up as you are, trust that you will be challenged in your practice in unexpected ways (leave your expectations at the door whether you are looking for an easy or hard class!) and let’s get down! We’ll explore some of Danni’s favorite postures, listen to our bodies, and groove to some sweet jams. Danni is really looking forward to meeting you all.

Arm Balances the Iyengar Way
Kim Mackesy
Stand on your own two...arms! What does it take? The right mix of alignment, core strength, elasticity, balance, and a playful approach. In this intermediate workshop, come explore the essential elements of arm balances, have fun with the process, and prepare for liftoff!  

*Note: Arm balances are contraindicated during menstruation. If you find yourself menstruating on Yoga Day, please respect your body by choosing a more appropriate workshop.

Awareness is Health
Nikole Fortier

"Yoga brings an incoherent, scattered mind to a coherent, reflective state." -BKS Iyengar.

Through the alignment of the outer physical body in yogasana, we simultaneously practice alignment and balance of the moral, pranic, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual layers of being. and you can feeeeeel it. this class will ask that we use our conscious awareness in asana to reflect on the multidimensional layers of being as we can through the physical practice and existence in being. yoga promises that is in the spirit of balanced awareness that we become free. Health defined is the state of being free (of disease and illness). yoga is the cultivation of awareness for radiant health.

It is true then, awareness is health, awareness is key. :) I hope you'll come practice this phenomenal philosophy, art and science with me!

Build Your Arm Balances
Morissa Mercaldo
Warm up with a short heat-building, core-strengthening, hip-opening flow in order to explore a variety of arm balance postures. Learn some key actions and tips for mastering these yoga poses that have you supporting your whole body on your two hands.

Chair Yoga
Jo-San Arnold & Jackie Gadd (pictured)
Designed for those who may have aging issues, medical issues that effect balance, vertigo, strength and flexibility challenges. This class discusses alternative postures and adjustments, refined sequencing for people with varying needs. Perfect for beginners, seniors, and those with challenges such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Parkinson's, cancer recovery, PTSD, mobility limitations, health and/or developmental challenges.

Creative Fire Cosmic Bliss
Surjot Kaur

We will practice Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam, a meditation technique from the Kundalini Yoga tradition that will ignite a fire in you to help you realize your greatest potential and create success, contentment, and bliss in your life.  It's a powerful practice, very sacred.  We will chant a sacred mantra.



Find the Peace and Joy Within You: An Introduction to Yoga Meditation
Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF)

Practice of Yoga Meditation brings clarity, calmness, and joy to body and mind. In this workshop, monastic disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship will discuss the science of meditation, and provide techniques for stilling the body and mind to help you more deeply experience the inner peace and bliss of the soul.



Igniting Joy in our Practice
Arezou Ghane

In this workshop, we will move to a unique and upbeat rhythmic vinyasa flow. This series of movements is created to revitalize your body and elicit light-hearted joy.




Karma Yoga
Gina Tricamo

A class using creative Mandala yoga flow / partner Warrior 2 / Group Tree Asana to end reflective meditation as part of a consciousness to bring unification and karma global growth for all communities! We will be reflecting on Beyond Belief Faith and the Wisdom from The Bhagavada Gita, “In this Union of Yoga there is liberty, a deliverance from the oppression of pain.  The yoga must be followed with Faith with a strong and courageous heart.

Low Back Care
Heather Fenwick
This class will be suitable for beginners and for yogis in a mellow mood, offering accessible options with a focus on hips and low back tension. 



Pranayama: Gateway to Meditation
Kari Ross-Berry

Come deepen your yoga practice and learn to merge your body and mind through the flow and retention of breath and prana. Pranayama is the yogic practice of regulating the breath and is considered to be the gateway to meditation. In yoga it is believed that one who can control their breath can control their mind. 




Reiki Yoga
Sara Mitteer
Reiki Yoga is a mellow, restorative yoga practice structured to dive deeper into your muscles, connective tissues, tendons, and ligaments. By working deeper into these structures, you receive the opportunity to release all the stress, emotion, and energy that has been stored in your physical body over your lifetime. During your practice, you will receive individual hands-on and group Reiki healing to clear away negative or unhealthy energy, rebalance your chakras, and reset your energetic biofield back to its original blueprint. This practice will take you on a healing journey physically, mentally, and emotionally - leaving you feeling revived, relaxed, and renewed!


Relax and Release: Deep Hip Opening
Arezou Ghane

In this practice, we will move deep into the hip flexor muscles, where tension tends to accumulate. Using the breath as our guide, we will learn to gradually relax into a sequence of progressively deeper hip opening poses to enhance mobility and release tension. 

Surya Namaskar A in Spansh
Antonio De laTorre

Una clase accesible a todos niveles donde exploraremos la secuencia de Surya Namskar A, saludo al sol. Nos enfocaremos en la alineación de cada pose individualmente, transiciones y respiración entre poses. La clase culminara en dos ciclos de esta secuencia y una breve relajación en savasana.

(I would like to do an introduction level/ level one class in Spanish. I will breakdown Surya Namaskar A by teaching each pose individually and at the end linking them together. The class will end with two cycles of this sequence and a brief relaxation in savasana.)


Wrist Therapy
Danni Pomplun

Do you have wrist pain in yoga? Wrist injuries are common in yoga, yet we ignore them and move into poses that put pressure on our wrists without knowing how our muscles support this complex joint. We can learn to take care of our wrists by understanding alignment and anatomy. We'll take a few minutes taking a look at a remedy for the wrist.


Seed & Song:  Growing Together with Music and Yoga
Laura Anderson

Family yoga and live music for babies and kids under age 5, older siblings welcome. Experience Seed & Song; where we integrate catchy, simple chants, live musical instruments, and yoga postures into each class. Learn new ways to bond while exercising your body and mind.


Understanding Surya Namaskar (jumpings)
Stephanie Lavender
In this class we will explore and deepen your understanding of Surya Namaskar, also known as "jumpings." We will develop knowledge of how to safely and playfully practice jumpings and how to sequence them into your home practice.



Yoga Dance Flow
Erinda Martin
Something wonderful happens when we intentionally allow our breath to flow. The mind takes a momentary pause, the body relaxes, and in that silence and peace, creativity unfolds. During this workshop, we'll tap into that creativity to find grace between the asanas allowing prana to flow and guide us. Join us for a mindful Yoga practice with soulful dance moves. Come for the Yoga, stay for the dance!

Yoga for Addiction Recovery
Kathlyn H. Stewart

Through a combination of breathwork, guided meditation, and asana, this class will help you become firmly grounded & more comfortable in your own body & better able to cope with the emotions and stressors that fuel addictive behaviors. You will learn how to tap into an “inner oasis of calm” and begin to honor and respect your body’s own wisdom and healing abilities as you begin to release the “issues in the tissues” & recover a sense of alignment with your truest & best Self.


Yoga for Athletes
Derrick Clemons

My focus is to help people along their journey into themselves through the practice of yoga. Through yoga for athletes, we will focus on deep stretching and basic core movements by integrating breathing, mobility, agility, and strength into poses while working towards increasing flexibility. By linking movement with breath, we learn to move with purpose.


Yoga for Office Workers
Andrew Phan

Sitting or standing too long in front of a desk? This workshop will demonstrate some asana that can be done at the desk or counter to promote blood flow through your body.  The workshop will also introduce props you can use hanging around your workstation. Take some time out of the static workstation and give some time and space to make it dynamic.



Yoga for Runners
Andrew Phan

Feeling stiff or sore after a run? This session is an introduction to mindful running to increase body awareness, breathing, endurance, and enhanced recovery after a run.




Yoga Nidra
Kari Ross-Berry

Guided Meditation, or Yoga Nidra, brings one from the outer world of sensations through various visualization practices towards a revealing of one's true nature. Take a break from the physical performance of asana and delve deep into the world of your mind. We will set samkalpas, or intentions, planting seeds of transformation as part of this ancient practice. Be prepared for bliss and clarity to unfold in this sadhana of yoga derived from tantric visualization.


Yoga Philosophy: The Mandukya Upanisad
Kari Ross-Berry

What's in a word? Come explore the origins and use of the pranava, Om/ AUM. If you want to know more about the under laying philosophy of yoga and why Aum is chanted in yoga classes this workshop is for you. In this workshop we will chant, meditate upon, and discuss the importance of Om/ AUM through a brief study of the Mandukya Upanisad. 

Yoga to Release Stress and Trauma from the Body

This workshop is designed for those who are interested in a pro-active approach to healing stress and trauma. Everything from 'every day' stressors to major life events create not only a mental memory, but also a memory in the tissues themselves. Through asana, we will encourage the release of stored stress, trauma, and emotions from the body.


Pauls pix 2017_400.jpg

Yoga Therapy
Paul Wellin

Paul will offer event participants a ten minute integrative yoga therapy session. He will align your body on a massage table, using gentle yoga postures and postural/structural balancing. He will guide your breathing and work through blocks and issues. He will also check your chakras.